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Prayer is an unmovable unshakable force that penetrates the very fabric of existence and seeks out answers to issues and problems that prevents us from relying on human ways to solve impossible tasks, thus relying on spiritual interjection to make possible what was impossible.

The prayer of Faith has the ability to remove mountains, cast out demons and restore souls.

Without Faith, it is impossible to please God; (Hebrews 11:6.)
Without prayer it is impossible to move God!

We must petition Heaven through Prayer (Intercession and Supplication) in order to make our petitions known!

We must be verbal and express fervently our desire to gain audience and receive an answer to our petitions! (Hebrews 4:16 - James 5:16)

Prayer can be cross-referenced into many categories;
However, it can be summed up into four distinct categories;
Prayers of Thanksgiving: Giving praise and thanks, adoration, affirmation.

Prayers of Intercession: On behalf of others.
Prayers of Supplication: To petition or request;
Prayers of: Faith; Agreement; Consecration; Dedication; Repentance; Confession; Public and Private! Songs of prayer; praying in Tongues.

In all forms of Prayer, God should be worshipped and adored for who He is; “THE I AM THAT I AM!!!!”

Not expounded on, but there are also negative or psychic prayers; curses and chants.

This is not an exhaustive list on Prayer!

A prayer should be audible and spoken with authority!

FCC Prayer

—  Freedom Covenant Center. Revised. 03.2003

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