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Maxey C. Clarke

Senior Pastor

Pastor Maxey C. Clarke has served as Senior Pastor of Freedom Covenant Center located in Cleveland, One of Ohio’s urban communities since 1999.

Tel: 216-341-3221   |  Email:


Antoinette Clarke

Associate Pastor

Pastor Antoinette Clarke is a woman of increasing vision, resolute leadership, and remarkable strength. As Associate Pastor of Freedom Covenant Center located in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband Senior Pastor Maxey C. Clarke they carry out their God given mandate to rescue, repair, and restore the whole man unto God- spirit, soul, and body.

She is the founder of FCC’s Women of Destiny Ministries.

Since the ministry’s inception, Pastor Antoinette Clarke has focused her efforts in the areas of teaching deliverance, healing, intercession, and spiritual warfare; critical areas for the spiritual freedom of God’s people.

She holds many accreditations and leadership awards. 

She is an International Chaplain to the Nations.

Tel: 216-341-3221   |  Email:

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